Personal & Team Excellence Courses

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Ambition, self-management, diversity, and adaptability are key skills that individuals and teams need in order to continue to grow and succeed.

One thing that most of us have in common is that we want to succeed. What often separates successful people from others is that successful individuals have a greater sense of self-actualization, and are able to maximize their potential. Our personal excellence learning programs provide the tools and knowledge that will propel individuals and teams to excel in both their professional and personal lives.

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Our Personal and Team Excellence Programs & Courses

Ambition, self-management, diversity and adaptability are the key skills that individuals and teams need in order to continue to grow and succeed.

Measurable Benefits of Personal and Team Excellence Training

The outcomes of CSPN’s personal and team excellence training courses include:

  • More consistent positive interactions across teams and departments
  • Increased confidence when dealing with customers
  • Greater employee ownership over the customer experience

Learning Delivery Options

  • Instructor-Led (In-Person / On-Site) (ILT)
Instructor Led Training
  • Virtual Instructor-Led (VILT)
Virtual Instructor Led Training
  • eLearning OnDemand (EL)
Online eLearning Training
  • Microlearning (ML)

Make Learning an Experience

Learning should transcend the classroom (virtual, live, on-demand and micro-learning). CSPN creates an engaging experience for learners.

  • Planning Phase: CSPN will work with you to define the program objectives in order to design and configure all learning materials.
  • Preparation Phase: CSPN will curate a library of learning materials and activities that will be made available to learners through a CSPN digital learning platform, or your custom LMS. Materials include: Learner Communications, Learning Agenda, On-Demand Virtual Learning, Pre-Training Assessments.
  • Engagement Phase: Learners are scheduled to attend live virtual classroom sessions with expert facilitators and small groups of peers. Sessions are deigned to include gamified experiences collaborative participation to meet the expectations of the modern learner.
  • Encouragement Phase: After the training, learners continue to have access to learning content and to engage with facilitators and peers and complete post-training assessments and feedback surveys.

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