Training Delivery Philosophy

Training Delivery

Our training programs can be delivered through online sessions, an onsite facilitated session, or public workshops. A blended solution is also available which can be customized to meet your specific needs.

Online Sessions

Onsite Facilitated Sessions

Public Workshops

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Our Delivery Philosophy

Supportive and Friendly Atmosphere

STEP 1: Supportive & Friendly Atmosphere


CSPN’s engaging facilitators create a supportive and friendly atmosphere. Participants experience a feeling of safety and support, encouraging them to be more open, honest, and willing to take chances that surprise themselves – and each other.

STEP 2: Interactive Learning


Because the learning is interactive, it ‘sticks.’ Our experiential methods follow adult learning principles (the ELEVATE process) and provide practical skills and capabilities. Participants discover ways of doing things differently – and more successfully.

Hands-on Learning

STEP 3: Hands-on Learning Opportunities

Challenging situations become moments of positive outcome with a series of hands-on learning opportunities. We focus on how to work empathetically and collaboratively. Best of all, participants will share laughter and insights throughout the session and will return to work inspired with new and/or refined skills that can be used on the job right away.