Mindful Energy Programs for the Proactive Workplace Workshop

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Organizations around the world are seeing the benefits of implementing Mindfulness programs. With stressed-out employees taking a toll on organizations through increased healthcare costs, team conflicts and reduced productivity, mindfulness helps not only employees, but it also increases the wellness of the workplace and creates a healthier bottom-line.

Welcoming mindfulness into the workplace means creating the space (physically, emotionally, mentally and culturally) for employees to know it is okay to take time to be in the best state of being to most effectively do their job.

Mindfulness is a simple concept, yet it requires assistance. For the greatest benefits of Mindfulness to be realized, it is important for it to become a habit.

The My Energy CheckTM system is an easy to implement self check-in that allows employees to naturally form mindful habits. My Energy CheckTM helps employees improve their self-awareness of how they are feeling physically, emotionally and mentally, so they can take action when they are feeling off and boost their energy. This allows employees to be the best version of themselves at work, which leads to reducing health costs and absenteeism in the workplace.

We’ve developed introductory and comprehensive habit-forming programs to easily introduce Mindfulness into the workplace, so employees can quickly begin to implement the concepts and your organization can begin to see positive results.

This program is designed to teach participants how to:

  • Incorporate mindfulness practices into their work day
  • Implement different methods of meditation
  • Create a framework for a successful meditation practice
  • Utilize a self-awareness tool to detect and address potential issues
  • Improve their productivity and happiness

Presentation 1) Principles and Practices of Mindfulness and Meditation (1-2 hours)

Presentation 2) Mindful Energy Speaker (1-2 hours)

Presentation 3) Half-Day or Full Day Mindful Energy Retreats

Presentation 4) 21-Day Mindful Energy Challenge

Presentation 5) 10 Session Program (45-60 minutes sessions)

Presentation 6) 6 Session Program (45-90 minutes sessions)

Presentation 7) 4 Session Program (60-120 minutes sessions)

Presentation 8) 66-Day Creating a Mindful Workplace Program

Half-Day / 1-Day

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