Customer Journey Mapping Workshop

Online / In-Person

Everyday your customers are embarking on a journey with your brand and your company. It is said that the greatest experience lies in the journey, not the destination.

Join us as we show you how to guide your customers’ experience, leading them on a journey towards brand loyalty and ambassadorship.

Customer Experience Journey Mapping is a vital, customer-focused, in-demand methodology that allows you the unique opportunity to look through your customers’ eyes at their experience with your organization. The Customer Experience Journey Mapping session is a hands-on, crash course showcasing the step-by-step process needed to take an outside-in approach to mapping the journeys your customers have with your brand. It’s an essential discovery process that helps organizations rapidly frame their customer experience challenges and to formulate innovative and differentiated approaches to address issues and capture opportunities.

This program is designed to teach participants how to:

  • Journey through a customer’s experience (discover, research, purchase, delivery, after sale) through interactive activities with peers 
  • Relate to the customer and uncover their emotional journey  
  • Uncover the Customer Experience challenges and areas that need improvement within your business 
  • Take away actionable Customer Experience tools to boost key business measures; acquisition, cross-selling, satisfaction, retention and loyalty  

Module 1) Introduction to Customer Journey Mapping

Module 2) Customer Personas

Module 3) Customer Journey Mapping Exercise

Module 4) Uncovering Opportunities

Half-Day / 1-Day

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