Cultural Sensitivity Workshop

Online / In-Person

Having a culturally aware and diverse workforce where all talents and perspectives appreciate and embrace diversity can help set a business apart from its competition. Organizations that are proactive in addressing issues of diversity are exposed to more opportunities, customer accolades, service excellence and more.

CSPN’s Cultural Sensitivity Training Series is a dynamic and interactive workshop that lays down the groundwork for fostering a truly inclusive workplace that not only produces innovation, but results in happier and healthier teams.

Participants will define and look at the impacts of disrupting unconscious bias, intercultural essentials, and being an ally. The program also explores the challenges that arise from diversity, issues that surface in diverse workgroups, and methods for handling conflict.

This learning experience is an excellent opportunity for staff at every level to identify where they are on the journey towards cultural excellence and how one can contribute to an organization’s goal of being one of the best places to work, for all.

This program is designed to teach participants how to:

  • Why there is a need for cultural sensitivity and understanding the diverse landscape in business
  • What stereotyping of People of Colour, Visible Minorities, and Indigenous People looks like in the workplace
  • Ability to communicate personal biases
  • How to provide examples of how biases impact our work
  • Increase your ability to communicate using questioning, listening, and feedback skills intentionally
  • Build awareness on the importance of body language in the communication process
  • Increasing sensitivity to gender differences, workplace discrimination, and harassment
  • Understand challenges for minority groups, newcomers, women, and LGBTQ team members

Module 1) Understanding Cultural Awareness & Sensitivity

Module 2) The Importance of Cultural Sensitivity for Minority Groups

Module 3) Dealing with Prejudices, Stereotypes & Gender

Module 4) Breaking Down the Cultural Barriers

Module 5) Sustaining Cultural Sensitivity & Inclusive Workplace

Module 6) Business Case for Diversity

Half-Day / 1-Day

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