Canada-Ontario Job Grant Program

The objective of the grant is to support workforce development and encourage greater employer involvement in training, through cost-sharing agreements between individual employers and government.

The Canada Ontario Job Grant is available to employers of small, medium and large-sized companies, to meet their workforce development needs.

COJG Quick Facts

  • The government covers ⅔ of direct training costs, up to $10,000 per trainee.
  • Employers pay at least ⅓ of direct training costs. Small employers (50 employees or less) have the option to contribute up to 50% of their required contribution in wages paid to train participants (up to $2500).
  • Training to be delivered by an eligible, third-party trainer.
  • Employers are required to complete an application and submit it online in order for funding to be considered.
  • This is an exciting opportunity for organizations looking to reduce training costs associated with on-site customized training programs.
CSPN is proud to be an eligible training provider for the Canada-Ontario Job Grant (COJG) program. We have a process and partners in place to make the application process seamless, simple and stress-free.

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