Learning Journey

Your Learning is Our Passion

Learning and development is a journey. With our passion and expertise, we are able to support organizations as they navigate this journey, with ease and effectiveness.

Our goal is to create engaging and dynamic learning experiences that transcend the virtual or live classroom. We know that active learners are engaged learners, and by creating the right learning experience teams will perform more powerfully. In turn, your organization will become more profitable, innovative and creative.

Customized Training

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We know that sometimes off-the-shelf training courses are the right fit because they cover the basics and set a good skill-based foundation. But if you are looking to build off that, customized training gives learners the opportunity to connect the training content back to their daily responsibilities and apply the new knowledge they received.

By designing learning experiences which are customized to your organization’s unique needs, you can create more opportunities for your people to gain the skills need to excel in their roles. By giving your people the skills they need to feel and perform successfully, they will be better positioned and motivated to help you achieve your organizational goals.

In order to help you design and implement innovative learning solutions, our team of learning consultants and instructional designers work with you to drive a proven process for assessing your learning needs, creating role-specific curriculum and evaluating your training experience. Our approach is tailored to fit your unique learning needs and the demographic profile of your target audience.

CSPN’s team of L&D professionals will work with you to create short and long-term learning experiences that support your training goals.

Designing Personalized Learning Experiences

Creating and delivering a learning experience that sticks

STEP 1: The Conversation


Understanding Needs

Creating the right learning experience starts by understanding your needs and your organization. Our learning consultants will work with you to assess your current skills gaps and desired behaviors to determine how training can effectively help close those gaps.

We then take a comprehensive approach in understanding your organization and the opportunities and challenges you are solving for. By doing so it allows us to focus on the most important changes and outcomes your organization is seeking.

By truly understanding your organization, it allows us to move beyond abstract learning and create experiences where learners can apply the skill sets they are taught.

The Translation

STEP 2: The Translation


Transforming your needs into a personalized and modern learning experience

With the valuable insights collected from the Needs Assessment, our learning consultants will work your teams to identify your learning priorities and define a path that can bridge current skill sets with future goals and desired behaviors. With this information, we then design a custom learning experience – a strategic direction for comprehensive training and development that engages leaners across multiple channels, touchpoints and the result is targeted content that combines IQ and EQ to make new insights relevant and to adapt to all learning perspectives.

In the design and development of all curriculums and experiences, CSPN incorporates adult learning theories and applications. CSPN uses the New World Kirkpatrick Evaluation Model, which addresses the modernization of learning and application in the workplace. Leveraging this model, CSPN’s approach to planning, designing and implementing training curriculums is to begin with the end in mind: how will the learning curriculum enable on-the-job performance? From there, interactive and engaging learning experiences (across channels – ILT, VILT, e-learning) are designed and activated.

The Delivery

STEP 3: The Delivery

Memorable learning experience

Our in-person and virtual training programs leverage the our Teach Me, Let Me, Enable Me model in order to ensure participants are actively thinking and doing, not just listening. Our training ensures both knowledge transfer as well as skill development.

In our virtual and in-person learning environment, CSPN leverages the following techniques:

  • Role-Plays
  • Facilitated Group Discussions
  • Breakout Rooms
  • Whiteboard Sessions
  • Q&A
  • Gamified Experiences

STEP 4: The Follow Through


Reinforcement tactics to make learning a habit

Retaining learning is the same as forming a new habit. Participants walk away with tools, tips and tricks to be successful beyond the classroom. Post-training follow-ups help reinforce what was taught. To maximize success of training, CSPN creates a post-learning environment which includes access to:

  • Post-Training Chatrooms
  • Learning / Job Aids
  • Research Inventory
  • Assessments / Certifications

As part of our continuous improvement philosophy and to ensure that our clients can see the return on an investment in training, we implement numerous post-training strategies including:

  • Conducting reassessments
  • Measuring and reporting on training ROI
  • Designing and delivering complimentary training

With this right skills-based training, participants can practice and implement insights and knowledge that drive organizational success and performance.

Let’s Build Your Learning Journey

CSPN can work with you to design custom learning solutions, but we also offer an expansive off-the-shelf portfolio of proven and effective learning programs including: customer service training, sales training, leadership & management training, business skills training, soft skills training, compliance training amongst others. CSPN offers learning solutions with the breadth and depth needed to transform learning into an experience for all employees in your organization.

Customer Service Courses

Customer service and soft skill training to deliver the ideal customer experience

Leadership Courses

Leadership training to improve the skills, abilities, and confidence of leaders, helping them drive others toward positive outcomes

Management Courses

Management training to cultivate a collaborative, inclusive and high-performing workplace

Personal Productivity Courses

Time management and prioritization training to enable employees to stay focused, on-track and productive in the long-term

Communication Courses

Verbal, non-verbal and written communication training to help employees communicate concisely and impactfully

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

ED&I training to build equitable and inclusive workplace cultures

Compliance Courses

Compliance training that balances regulations with culture

Your employees want engaging, inspirational and fun learning experiences. You want experiences that motivate and improve retention and performance.

We can do both.