Learning Journey

Your Learning is Our Passion

Learning and development is a journey. With our passion and expertise, we are able to support organizations as they navigate this journey, with ease and effectiveness.

Our business focus is the development of your workforce. We know that a team that learns effectively will perform powerfully. In turn, your organization will become more profitable, innovative and creative.

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Personalized Learning

Creating and delivering a learning experience that sticks.

STEP 1: The Conversation


Understanding Needs

CSPN starts the process with an in-depth discussion about your organization’s opportunities or challenges. By doing so it allows us to focus on the most important changes and outcomes your organization is seeking.

Our goal is to gain a deeper understanding of your organization and your needs. By truly understanding your organization, it allows us to move beyond abstract learning. Our programs are not about learning a skill, they are about applying the skill sets you learned.

The Translation

STEP 2: The Translation


Transforming your needs into a targeted development experience

Our performance professionals collect information from you, your customers and your team. With this information, we then design a custom learning solution – a strategic direction for comprehensive training and development. The result is targeted content that combines IQ and EQ to make new insights relevant and to adapt to all learning perspectives.

The Delivery

STEP 3: The Delivery

Memorable learning experience

Creating a memorable experience starts with insights and expertise in adult learning. Our 3E learning approach moves theory to real life and identifies desired skill sets and behaviours so they can be incorporated into your work culture. Our immersive delivery process focuses on learning and results. It does so by using real and potential scenarios, role-playing and case studies to enable a behavioural change that sticks.

STEP 4: The Follow Through


Reinforcement tactics to make learning a habit

Making learning stick is what really matters to our clients and partners – and we align with this philosophy completely. To ensure that our clients can see the return on an investment in training, we implement numerous strategies, such as:

  • toolkits
  • conducting reassessments
  • delivering skills-based training

This makes it easier for participants to practice and implement insights and knowledge, from the information and teachings that we deliver.

Choose Your Learning Journey

We offer an expansive portfolio of proven and effective training solutions to transform and improve service, sales, management and leadership abilities. Whether you have a newly built team or are looking to promote and develop your staff, we can help! CSPN will help to transition, train, and enable your staff on customer satisfaction and what it means to the organization.

Customer Service

The foundational training emphasizes the importance of service excellence and empowers teams to constantly deliver memorable customer experiences. It also helps bridge the gap between service and sales through coaching on consultative selling processes and techniques. Ultimately, this training will help your team advance their service and sales skills, build client relationships and excel in their roles.


Your employees are your greatest assets. Their experience impacts how they perform at work, which ultimately impacts your bottom line. Managers are a big part of that journey. The learning experience encourages participants to think differently about how they approach projects and manage their people to boost the long-term performance of the organization.

Leadership & Coaching

Our leadership and coaching series enhances your ability to overcome organizational challenges, build the right team, embrace change and drive company performance. Participants will explore a team’s needs, motivations, and the affects that personal leadership styles can have on a business, by empowering them to lead with vision and confidence.


Communication skills are critical for effectively delivering messages, managing change and inspiring action. When teams communicate more effectively, staff are more likely to succeed in their role and achieve goals they have set. Our various communication programs help participants master the human relation skills demanded in today’s tough business environment. Participants learn, practice and apply the techniques of effective communication across all mediums; written, verbal, and digital, to shape opinions, influence behaviour, and guide outcomes.

Personal & Team Excellence

One thing that most of us have in common is that we want to succeed. What often separates successful people from others is that successful individuals have a greater sense of self-actualization, and are able to maximize their potential. Our personal excellence learning programs provide the tools and knowledge that will propel individuals and teams to excel in both their professional and personal lives.


Learning does not stop in the training room, as it needs to be embraced and experienced in many contexts. The world keeps evolving, everything around you is changing regularly and you need to ensure that you, your team and your organization is constantly developing and building on capabilities in order to stay relevant.

See how your organization can benefit from personalized learning and development strategies.