Voice-of-the-Customer Program

CSPN’s Voice-of-the-Customer methodology helps organizations retain customers, build better products, deliver better services, and systematically understand customer experience in order to drive change. We design VoC programs aligned to the customer journey to capture the most relevant, cross-channel data that will drive actionable insights. We do this by segmenting customers, mapping key journeys, integrating digital and in-person data capture tools and transforming data to insights.

Key Outputs

  • Baseline Customer Segments & Customer Journey Maps
  • VoC Measures, Metrics, & Systems / Tools Framework
  • Program Governance & Activation Roadmap

Key Value

  • Empower employees to make data-driven decisions with confidence
  • Stay aligned with customer needs and ahead of continuously changing expectations
  • Drive impactful CX changes and improvement initiatives that add value to customers