Research and Insights

Customer, Citizen & Employee

CSPN leverages qualitative and quantitative insight solutions to aid our clients in understanding and improving their customer, citizen, and employee experiences. CSPN’s approach combines human-centric research, advanced analytics, and data visualization to uncover and bring experiences to life.


CSPN leverages a variety of qualitative techniques to understand concepts, opinions, or experiences of your customers, citizens, or employees. We leverage these techniques to gather in-depth insights into a problem or generate new ideas or methods.

Characteristics of qualitative research methods:

  • Collect data in real time where the participants are experiencing problems
  • Work towards solving complex issues through in-depth understanding of experiences
  • Build trust with the research team to uncover unfiltered insights

Our methods include:

  • Ethnographic Research – observe and/or interact with participants in their real-life environment to develop a deep understanding of the problem
  • Focus Groups – group interviews with a small number of participants who have common traits or experiences
  • In-depth Interviews – intensive interviews with one or a small number of participants to explore perspectives on a particular idea, situation, or problem
  • Mystery Shopping – observational research technique to report on quality of service and experience


CSPN leverages a variety of quantitative techniques to find patterns and averages, make predictions, test casual relationships, and generalize results to larger populations. Quantitative data enables CSPN to provide data-driven decisions backed by statistically significant analyses.

Characteristics of quantitative research methods:

  • Collect reliable and accurate data with standardized data collection
  • Perform a wider scope of data analysis techniques and process data from larger samples

Our methods include:

  • Survey Research – design and administer surveys across digital, telephone, and in-person channels
  • Descriptive Research – obtain data to describe a population or segment of interest
  • Correlational Research – investigate relationships between variables or concepts of interest
  • Experimental Research – systematically examine if a caused-and-effect relationship exists between variables

Insight Solution Outcomes

At CSPN we bring experiences to life. Following our advanced data collection approaches, we transform data into vibrant, relatable, and useful insights. We do this through experience design techniques best suited for your business needs. As each project is unique, we leverage a large toolbox of analysis techniques and design artifacts that are customized to you.

  • Customer Persona and Journey Mapping
  • Pain Point Identification
  • Affinity Diagraming
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Key Driver Analysis

Key Outputs

  • Customer and Citizen Survey Models, Analysis, and Insights Report
  • Qualitative Research Analysis and Insights Report
  • Digital Dashboards

Key Value

  • Gain a Deep Understanding of Customer and Employee Satisfaction and Loyalty Drivers
  • Establish Organizational, Customer, and Employee Benchmark Metrics
  • Align Organizational, Customer and Employee Experience and Service Strategies with Real-Time Data and Insights