ProServices Supply Arrangement
and Vendor of Record (VOR)

We are fully qualified to provide services to government agencies in Canada

The ProServices Supply Arrangement is a Federal Government-mandated procurement tool. It’s required to provide services to businesses located in the members of the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA).

The Supply Arrangement is split into different streams and categories, similar to those offered through the Task-Based Informatics Professional Services (TBIPS).

Business owners should ensure that their consultants are qualified and legally allowed to provide the services they need. CSPN has the correct qualifications from the federal government of Canada to provide services in the following streams and categories:

Managing Partner
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Our Customer Experience and Service Designations

Stream 4: Business Services

  • 4.1: Business Analyst
  • 4.8: Call Centre Consultant
  • 4.3: Business Consultant
  • 4.10: Help Desk Specialist

Stream 8: Human Resources Services

  • 8.7: Leadership Development Consultant

Stream 9: Business Consulting / Change Management Services

  • 9.3: Business Consultant

Stream 10: Project Management Services

  • 10.10: Technical Writer

Stream 13: Alternative Dispute Resolution Services

  • 13.1: Conflict Coaching
CSPN focuses on government customer experience services and management. We carry the title of Management Consulting Services Vendor of Record for the Ontario Government. The Vendor of Record, or VOR, is similar to a supply arrangement and is used by the government of Canada to obtain many consulting services.

This VOR is necessary for all Ontario Government and Ontario Public Service entities to procure the services of a business consultant. We are proud to offer government customer experience services to businesses throughout Ontario, Canada, with our business expertise.