Customer Journey Mapping

What is Customer Journey Mapping?

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A Customer Journey Map (CJM) is a visual representation of every interaction a customer has with a company. It tells the story of customer experiences with an organization from awareness, to interaction, engagement through to sustaining the relationship. A CJM helps businesses understand their organization from a customer perspective. CJM add value by gaining insights into common customer pain points and concerns, improvement opportunities for the CX, and by identifying the operational, human resource and technology requirements that impact the organizations desired CX.

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Why Journey Map
Why journey map

Why Journey Map?

In an increasingly competitive business environment, a company’s ability to create positive customer interactions with their products / services is paramount to success. Mapping the customer journey is a critical element to a company’s ability of becoming more customer-centric. Journey mapping increases companies’ understanding of the activities, expectations, thoughts, and feelings of their customers. It is also a powerful driver of change; enabling organizations to dispel silos, streamline services across departments, and tailor offerings to meet critical customer needs. The journey map acts as a dynamic tool that a company can use to formalize and standardize their approach to great customer experiences!

CSPN Approach to Journey Mapping
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The CSPN Approach to Journey Mapping

CSPN’s Customer Journey Mapping Initiatives guide organizations through the understanding, planning, design, creation and management of customer journey maps. Beginning with uncovering CJM fundamentals and concepts, each CJM initiative grows on the last, all the way to building a sustainable CX Strategy. Initiatives are client tailored and comprehensive engagements that act as building blocks towards the design or improvement of an organizations overall Customer Experience Strategy.

Humanize your customer experiences