Learning & Development Strategy

Build a learning and development strategy that engages and motivates the modern learner

Learning should be an experience designed to help people perform better in their job today and in the future. CSPN works with organizations to create a learning strategy that meets learner needs and organizational goals. Through needs-based consulting, instructional design best practices and the use of innovative technology we build and deliver impactful learning experiences for leading brands.

VP, Strategic Learning & Development
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Designing Learning That Sticks

Identifying your learning goals and objectives and how to achieve them can be a challenging process. But it doesn’t have to be. Our Learning Strategists and Consultants have the expertise to help guide your vision, plan your approach and execute your learning strategy.

Building A Strategy That Works for You


Building the Knowledge Base

For decades, we’ve helped organizations achieve business impact through effective learning strategies. We provide a clear approach to understanding and defining learning strategies that align with business goals and the broader talent management strategy. Our approach is to:

  • Align organizational and divisional strategy to set clear value measures for learning strategy
  • Identify Strategy Design principles and set the boundaries that guide design considerations
  • Incorporate CSPN expertise with research into leading skills and practices o drive design
  • Build a learning strategy leveraging our Organization Learning Performance Assessment (OLPA) and Learner Readiness assessment. We link strategic learning goals to organizational mandates to create a learning experience for the modern learner.

The Value of Learning

We know what gets measured gets improved. Aligned to our learning strategies, CSPN helps clients with:

  • Measurement and Business Impact: We develop measurement strategies to show the impact created by a training organization, so you can make knowledgeable strategic decisions and assess training ROI.
  • Research and Benchmarking: Know where your learning teams sits relative to competitors so you can differentiate learning experiences for the modern learner. Our researchers compile industry data, best practices and emerging learning solutions as tools for you to build competitive and innovative business strategies.
  • Analysis and Design: We work with clients to document the current reality of employee performance, identify the ideal future state of that performance, and recommend the appropriate tactics and tools that will close the gap between the two. Our methods often include a streamlined approach to the job analysis process and curriculum mapping to help performance improvement tools meet specific

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