Creating Learning Experiences For the Modern Learner

We believe that learning should be an experience.

To make learning experiential and impactful, we help organizations answer two strategic questions:

1. How do we create happier employees?
2. How do we create happier customers?

We know that happier and more engaged employees in turn create happier customers. By designing and delivering the right training solution for your team, employees gain the skills, confidence, mindset and behaviors to help them excel in the jobs. When people excel in their jobs, they are more satisfied and more likely to deliver better customer experiences.

We help organizations realize this value cycle of happier employees and better customer satisfaction through the design and delivery of modern learning experiences – both customized and off-the-shelf.

VP, Strategic Learning & Development
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Our Learning Philosophy


Learning Is Designed From the Inside Out

Every experience is learner-centric: researched to align to the organization, designed and developed to fit how people in your organization want to learn.

Learning Is Made To Stick

We use the latest learning methods to create engaging experiences designed to overcome short attention spans, distractions and unmotivated audiences.

Learning is Designed for the Long-Term

We design experiences that are actionable and that prioritize long-term success. We combine science and practice to create positive sustainable behavioral, mindset and cultural changes

Our Training Programs

Customer Service Courses

Customer service and soft skill training to deliver the ideal customer experience

Leadership Courses

Leadership training to improve the skills, abilities, and confidence of leaders, helping them drive others toward positive outcomes

Management Courses

Management training to cultivate a collaborative, inclusive and high-performing workplace

Personal Productivity Courses

Time management and prioritization training to enable employees to stay focused, on-track and productive in the long-term

Communication Courses

Verbal, non-verbal and written communication training to help employees communicate concisely and impactfully

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Courses

ED&I training to build equitable and inclusive workplace cultures

Compliance Courses

Compliance training that balances regulations with culture

CSPN Designation Programs

Certified Customer Service Specialist (CCSS©) Designation Program

CSPN’s Certified Customer Service Specialist (CCSS©) Designation Program is designed to educate and inspire professionals on the fundamentals of service excellence. Learners are rewarded with an industry-accredited CCSS© Designation badge which recognizes their understanding, application and motivation to consistently deliver the best customer service

Your employees want engaging, inspirational and fun learning experiences. You want experiences that motivate and improve retention and performance.

We can do both.