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Customer service is a complex process that requires the right mindset, training, and company culture. Sending employees to train in specific fields is a common strategy, but keeping track of all employees and the necessary skills they require is an organizational challenge.

CSPN has developed certified client service designation programs that provide participants with a wide array of customer service skills. Participants can range from general customer service representatives to supervisors and team leaders.

With our customer service and leadership certifications, you can guarantee that your employees are fully qualified to interact with customers, ensuring your business provides the best customer experience possible.

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Our Customer Experience and Service Designations

This certification is for employees with the customer service designation. The program includes training in many different tools used for customer service. The following courses, each of which covers a broad range of topics in the field of customer service, are offered:

The CCSS© certification can be obtained by completing 3 of the courses listed above (Note the mandatory courses).  Or complete the 2-day CCSS© Designation Bootcamp.

This certification builds on the basic concepts introduced in Level 1 by introducing useful skills for team leaders and management. Employees who complete this course have mastered customer relations and sales. The following courses are offered:

The CCSP© certification can be obtained by completing 3 of the courses listed above (Note the mandatory courses).

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