Thriving Through Change and Transition Workshop

Online / In-Person

Change is among the most challenging experiences for any team. This training program is ideal for anyone who wishes to provide their team with a positive and empowered experience around change. You will learn how to better understand the ‘voice of your system’ so that individual members of the team feel supported during their transition. You will also learn techniques to improve communication, reduce stress and promote team camaraderie.

This highly interactive workshop is informative, fun and provides easily accessible techniques for fostering positive change management through leading edge Systems Coaching techniques.

The proposed training will focus on the critical skills required to successfully navigate the change they are facing. The training will provide the team with the skills to not only navigate change in a new way, but also give individual team members the opportunity to identify their role within the change environment.

This program is designed to teach participants how to:

  • Create a positive team culture around change
  • Raise the awareness and impact of exceptional team alignment and how each individual on the team contributes to the success of transitioning to the ‘new myth’
  • Work effectively with transitioning your team from the ‘old myth’
  • Understand the ‘voice of your system’ and how to tune in to the inherent wisdom to support each individual team member
  • Learn how to be proactive with change management
  • Increase overall team positivity
  • Offer strategies to foster a positive team experience around change

Module 1) Change in your Organization

Module 2) Design the Alliance

Module 3) Informal Constellation

Module 4) Change Archetypes Lands Work

Module 5) Myth Change

Module 6) High Dream & Low Dream

Module 7) Action Plan

Half-Day / 1-Day

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