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Leadership & Coaching Courses

Empower your leadership team with personalized live virtual leadership training programs

Virtual leadership training provides leaders with a toolkit to succeed. Successful leaders are visionaries that foster teamwork at all levels and create alignment behind a single vision and strategy.

Our leadership and coaching series enhances your ability to overcome organizational challenges, build the right team, embrace change and drive company performance.

Participants will explore a team’s needs, motivations, and the affects that personal leadership styles can have on a business, by empowering them to lead with vision and confidence.

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Our Leadership Coaching Programs & Courses

Whether you are an emerging leader, a manager, or a coach looking to increase employee engagement, your leadership and management training development will be put to the test and will determine if your team succeeds or fails.

Poor leadership is expensive. Leadership and development training are central to keeping costs down and maximize a return on all investments.

Learn how our leadership and management training equips new leaders with the tools and skills to positively impact employee engagement.

Our virtual leadership training and leadership excellence training courses are highlighted below.

Courses such as Leading with Excellence, Coaching Employees to be High Performers, Customer Success & Strategy, Effective Facilitation, Train the Trainer, and Contact Centre Operations Management are part of CSPN’s Certified Customer Service Professionals (CCSP©) Designation Program. These programs will enable you to receive a customer service certification.

CSPN has developed other popular courses are Emerging Leaders Training, and Inclusive Leadership.

Measurable Benefits of Leadership Training

The outcomes of CSPN’s leadership & coaching training courses include:

  • More consistent positive interactions across teams and departments
  • Increased confidence when dealing with customers
  • Greater employee ownership over the customer experience

Learning Delivery Options

  • Instructor-Led (In-Person / On-Site) (ILT)
Instructor Led Training
  • Virtual Instructor-Led (VILT)
Virtual Instructor Led Training
  • eLearning OnDemand (EL)
Online eLearning Training
  • Microlearning (ML)

Make Learning an Experience

Learning should transcend the classroom (virtual, live, on-demand and micro-learning). CSPN creates an engaging experience for learners.

  • Planning Phase: CSPN will work with you to define the program objectives in order to design and configure all learning materials.
  • Preparation Phase: CSPN will curate a library of learning materials and activities that will be made available to learners through a CSPN digital learning platform, or your custom LMS. Materials include: Learner Communications, Learning Agenda, On-Demand Virtual Learning, Pre-Training Assessments.
  • Engagement Phase: Learners are scheduled to attend live virtual classroom sessions with expert facilitators and small groups of peers. Sessions are deigned to include gamified experiences collaborative participation to meet the expectations of the modern learner.
  • Encouragement Phase: After the training, learners continue to have access to learning content and to engage with facilitators and peers and complete post-training assessments and feedback surveys.

Give your leadership teams the training they need to do great things

CSPN is certified to deliver these online leadership training courses via our digital learning platform or in-person.

We support organizations in the creation of customized learning journeys for employees and in the development of customized learning content and experiences through instructor led training (ILT), virtual instructor led training (VILT) and e-learning. We provide flexible, easy to access, just-in-time learning programs and content. We complement in class learning with online offerings where it makes sense and have experience leveraging cloud-based learning and talent management software.