Enhancing Leadership Through Resilience Workshop

Online / In-Person

Leaders of the modern world face new challenges brought about by todays ever-evolving digital environment. As technology advances, as does the demand for more sophisticated leaders who are capable of handling and leading through nonstop change and disruption. Emotional intelligence and resilience are scientifically sound methodologies that have been proven to meet these new essential needs.

This course is focused on teaching the basics of resilience as a component of emotional intelligence. Leaders will learn about what resilience is, it’s inherent connection to effective leadership and how they can use it in their roles to effectively deal with a variety of stressful and challenging situations proactively.

The strategies that leaders will learn as a result of this course will provide organizations with the confidence they need to move forward with any number of plans that involve change, disruption and abandoning the status quo. With resilient and emotionally intelligent leaders, organizations will have a competitive edge in their respective industries, giving them an essential head start in any market place expecting to be affected by innovation, change and technology.

This program is designed to help leaders become better coaches, mentors, communicators, collaborators and overall performers in times of stress by teaching them how to:

  • Enhance emotional self-awareness to recognize and manage stress proactively
  • Apply proven mindfulness strategies to effectively regulate stress regardless of their external circumstances
  • Enhance critical thinking skills to make more strategic decisions in times of stress
  • Enhance empathy to recognize and appropriately respond to the stress of others
  • Enhance collaborative skills to work more effectively with teams during times of stress
  • Cultivate a solutions-oriented mindset towards workplace challenges
  • Enhance autonomy to meet challenges independently and resourcefully
  • Enhance flexibility to proactively respond and adapt to unexpected change

Leaders will takeaway from this course:

  • An understanding of what resilience is and why it’s critical to modern leadership
  • A diverse tool belt of proven practical strategies for enhancing resilience
  • Workplace activities and reflection exercises for ongoing development

Half-Day / 1-Day / 1.5-Day

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