Humanizing the Coaching Experience Workshop

Online / In-Person

A humanized customer experience begins by understanding your own emotions and the emotions of your direct reports. This means understanding and aligning to the basic human needs for interaction – empathy, trust, acknowledgement and relevance.

This program is designed to help supervisors and managers become more empathetic, and involved and active members of their teams in a way that will bring down walls and inspire growth and creativity.

Leaders will learn to lead by example by understanding the daily work experience of each of their team members as they function in their roles. Through this, they will strengthen their communication approach to effectively encourage openness and transparency to better identify and acknowledge individual talents and expertise of team members. At the end of this training, participants will work with their teams to promote cross-functional learning and mentoring to ultimately create a culture of cohesiveness and support. The end goal is to build stronger, more accountable and highly functional teams.

Upon completion of this half-day session, participants will have the skills and confidence to engage in impactful communication by employing the right mix of acknowledgement, personalization and empathy in every interaction.

This program is designed to teach participants how to:

  • Identify your own communication and behavioural styles to see what type of leader you are
  • Recognize the communication and behavioural styles of your individual team members
  • Understand how the styles – if they differ significantly – may impact the way your leadership is received
  • Learn to lead with empathy, motivation and confidence
  • Communicate to connect and inspire creativity and growth in others
  • Learn to properly equip new members and set expectations early on to avoid disagreements and disappointment
  • Delineate hierarchy to bring more cohesiveness to your teams

Module 1) Assessment Review (Optional)

Module 2) Effective Communication

Module 3) Building Empathy and Trust

Module 4) Humanizing Interactions

Half-Day / 1-Day

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