High-Performance Teams Workshop

Online / In-Person

When team members work towards a common goal or set of objectives, the whole process becomes more efficient. By having ‘all hands on deck’, teams can; work collaboratively to help solve issues and challenges, can increase productivity through shared work activities, and can find inspiration through discussion with members of differing backgrounds and experiences.

From a management perspective, developing highly aligned teams allows a company or department to take on additional work, leading to increased revenue without increasing the workforce.

Sometimes, team members can have differing and sometime conflicting views on what the objectives are and how to achieve them. The challenge is identifying the collective goals and establishing a unified understanding of what the team must accomplish and how best to enable their success.

This workshop focuses developing a team where members are all “playing from the same playbook”. We start by understanding how to build the thinking, corresponding actions and work outputs needed to meet goals. A clear understanding of goals and objectives then becomes the communication framework for ongoing planning, decision-making and collaboration among members of the team.

High-Performance Team Alignment is a hands-on, interactive, unique training program that instantly creates rapport, deeper communication and improved collaboration between team members. We utilize the Six Boxes® team alignment approach and LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methodology to enhance learning, deepen conversations, clarify thinking and build collaboration across teams. Participants leave this session motivated and prepared with the knowledge and skills needed to create aligned and collaborative teams that effectively work together to meet and achieve organizational goals.

This program is designed to teach participants how to:

  • Build rapport, communication and trust
  • Encourage the generation of more creative options to achieve better results
  • Use effective interpersonal skills to improve outcomes
  • Reduce and/or eliminate potential conflicts
  • Set ground work for more effective, collaborative projects

Module 1) Developing a Collaborative Mindset

Module 2) Six Boxes Approach to Team Alignment Around Project Goals

Module 3) Application

Module 4) Reflections and Closing

Half-Day / 1-Day

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