Understanding Emotional Intelligence Workshop

Online / In-Person

The ability to interact effectively on a team with your internal and external customers is an essential business skill. Organizations rely on cohesive teams to accomplish goals, satisfy customer requirements, contribute innovative solutions to problems, and improve the bottom-line.

One’s intellectual and technical abilities are not enough to develop teams to their fullest potential. Teams require trust and the ability to communicate despite disagreements, conflicts, and change.

Developing emotional intelligence (EI) is an important ingredient in building effective teams because it involves the self-management of one’s own reactions to stress, tense situations, dealings with different and difficult people, and organizational change. It also enables individuals on teams to be more in tune with the needs and reactions of others for improved trust, motivation, innovation, and performance.

In this workshop, participants will gain insights about what emotional intelligence is, how it differs from one’s IQ, and how to use it effectively to build team relationships with others for enhanced synergy, trust, productivity, and performance.

This program is designed to teach participants how to:

  • Understand the fundamentals of Emotional Intelligence and its role
  • Create effective teams using EI principles
  • Build team relationships with others
  • Empathize using the E.P.M. formula
  • Positively Influence others
  • Adapt to change using different methods

Module 1) Emotional Intelligence and You

Module 2) Emotional Intelligence and Teams

Module 3) Asserting Yourself on Teams

Module 4) Empathizing with Others

Module 5) Influencing Others Positively

Module 6) Adapting to Change

Module 7) Putting it all Together

Half-Day / 1-Day

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