Strategic Change Management for CX Success Workshop

Online / In-Person

As organizations continue to move forward and learn to survive and thrive in an ever-increasing competitive market, the on-going battle of strategizing methods to create new and exceptional customer experiences (CX) continues. To successfully deliver CX experiences that make tangible differences, organizations must change what is being done today in order to deliver on what needs to be done in the future. This requires organizations to fundamentally change their standard approaches and replace them with new ways of doing business.

To successfully manage change, it is necessary to attend to the wider impacts of the change and answer questions like how will our organization have to change to deliver better customer experiences? As well as considering the tangible impacts of change, it is important to consider the personal impact on stakeholders and their journey towards working and behaving in new ways to support the change.

In this highly interactive workshop, participants will learn the fundamentals of Change Management in enabling engagement and participation during change. They will also learn methodological approaches of planning, activating and managing change that will result in faster buy-in and proficiency.

This workshop provides opportunities for you to solve the behavioural change challenges that organizations encounter when faced by a need for change.

This program is designed to teach participants how to:

  • Better plan your change efforts specific to the change initiative (CX)
  • Assess organizational readiness to change
  • Develop plans on: sponsorship, communication, stakeholder engagement, learning and resistance management
  • Applying stakeholder engagement tools

Module 1) Setting the Stage

Module 2) Change Program

Module 3) Applying Change Tools

Module 4) Bringing it Together

1-Day / 2-Day

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