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The Customer and Employee Experience Landscape

CSPN believes that customer experience starts with a vision and is activated through employees.

CSPN believes that customer experience starts with a vision and is activated through employees. We have a holistic perspective on how Consulting, Training and Networking are all interconnected to create remarkable customer and employee experiences.

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CSPN’s consultants are a team of real people working with organizations to make a real impact on their ability to design and deliver a best-in-class Customer Experience!

For 20+ years, CSPN Consulting Services has provided support to leading private and public-sector organizations to help them understand what customers care about most, then design great customer experiences around that. Having built up a comprehensive toolbox of proven methodologies and frameworks, CSPN has helped clients not only reimagine how they can architect customer experiences, but also how they can arm and inspire employees to deliver on great CX within the complexity of individual organizations and contexts.


CX / CS Vision & Strategy


CX Digital Transformation


Customer Journey Mapping


CX / CS Assessments


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Empowering teams and organizations with the skills, behaviours and attitudes that drive not only company values, but business performance is critical to competing in the todays business landscape.

CSPN offers a broad range of training solutions, from strategy design to execution for all your professional development needs. We have mapped out a Learning Journey with over 50+ courses on everything from Customer Service and Experience to Leadership, Management, Technical Skills and HR Support. In addition to fully customized training programs developed by our professional L&D teams, CSPN also offers generic and public session for key competency areas.


CCXP Designation


CCSS Designation


Leadership Learning Series


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Women in Leadership


Each year, CSPN hosts a number of networking events, which brings together a community of customer experience and service enthusiast from around the globe. Our goal is to build a community of CX/CS professionals who actively and regularly come together to share best practices, learn, network and become inspired from one another.

Annual CX/EX Conference


Women in Leadership Gala


Ideation and Think Tanks


Public Training Sessions


Professional Mentoring


Breakfast Meetings

We Love Working with Government!

The Canadian Federal and Provincial Governments are happy to work with us!

CSPN is a qualified supplier of Awards and VOR’s: CSPN has been awarded the Federal Supply Arrangement (SA): E60ZT-180029 under the department of Public Works and Government Services Canada, a Vendor of Record with the Ontario Provincial Government, Tender #7434, a Corporate Supply Arrangement (RCSA) ON-003400 for Development Services with the Government of British Columbia, a Vendor of Record with the City of Toronto, and a Learning & Development Supply Arrangement with the Nova Scotia Public Service Commission.
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Director, Client Services
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