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Selling is a fundamental component of a customer service professional’s job. Sadly, few have been properly trained to do all they can do to build lasting relationships with customers and ultimately grow the business. Our program is designed to help salespeople and non-salespeople alike develop the skills, knowledge and motivation they need to sell effectively.

No matter what business you are in, who your customers are, or how large your organization is, the fact is that everyone would like to increase their revenue without increasing the investment. Numerous companies have discovered a simple, cost effective way to do this. A solid service that sells training program has proven to pay dividends in the areas of:

  • Increased revenue
  • Creative ways to pitch to clients
  • Customer engagement
  • Share/educate the customer
  • Handle objections

Most people would agree that one of the biggest challenges in sales is getting contact with the customer. Your CSRs hear from your customers every single day. Imagine leveraging this communication as an opportunity to educate and sell to the customer, effectively.

So what is stopping them from doing this? Many feel uncomfortable selling, upselling or cross selling, and are reluctant to add these tools to their repertoire because of the stigma often associated with selling and the lack of formal sales training.

This program is designed to help individuals effectively overcome this reluctance and to uncover the realities of selling.

  • Build confidence and overcome resistance in a positive way
  • Understand sales as an advanced type of service
  • Recognize customer needs and motivation in order to focus on features, advantages and benefits that buyers care about
  • Develop transitional techniques in order to introduce separate products and services seamlessly

Module 1) Creating a Service to Sales Strategy

Module 2) From Service Resolution to Sales

Module 3) Aligning Customer Needs

Module 4) Establishing Value

Module 5) Preparing for the Close

Module 6) Overcoming Resistance

Module 7) Asking for the Business

Half-Day / 1-Day

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