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Employee Engagement

Topic: Employee Engagement

CSPN Member Learning Series

Date & Time:

November 24, 2023, 9:00AM – 10:00AM EST

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Employee Engagement

Engaged employees voluntarily invest extra time, effort and initiative to contribute to business success. They feel a sense of purpose within their role, and bring enthusiasm, passion and energy to the work they do. Engaged employees drive revenue, provide quality products and services, and create positive customer interactions.

However, creating truly effective engagement strategies is no easy feat. For employee engagement initiatives to be successful, they must be tailored to the unique needs and motivations of each individual. The session will provide several examples along the way, to demonstrate how powerful the impact a focus on employee engagement can be.

Session Highlights

  • Define employee engagement
  • What engagement should look like in your organization
  • Strategic plans for employee engagement
  • Learn best practices in praise, empowerment, and leverage

Corey Atkinson, VP, Strategic Learning & Development

As VP of Strategic Learning & Development and as a dynamic Professional Speaker, Corey has a wealth of experience in leadership, management, client service and business development, and focuses on supporting others to realize their objectives ahead of projected target dates. He has a sharp eye for what is required for organizations and individuals to develop their performance edge in business today.

As a professional speaker, who has spoken to audiences across North America, Corey is a leading authority on customer experience and engagement, leadership, culture and global business trends. Able to engage any audience any time of the day, Corey will deliver the energy and insights your audience or organization is looking for. His primary focus is to leave attendees excited, inspired and energized to take action and see tangible results.

As a master facilitator he has trained and coached over 10,000 professionals from all industries and has worked with over 1000 organizations. A seasoned facilitator, learning consultant, and certified trainer of Personality Dimensions, Corey is an avid developer of accelerated learning methodologies and experiences, programs and systems – all designed to turbo-charge learning for rapid development.

Passionate about helping others build skills and strategies, he has delivered many presentations and customized learning solutions for different organizations – for-profit, non-for-profit, private and public. Through his natural ability to connect, Corey proposes countless ways to acquire and use skills to evolve, grow and excel. The unifying theme of his work is this: The more we understand the principles of human nature, “what makes people tick,” the more effectively we can bring out the best in others, whether they are co-workers, employees, or customers.

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November 24, 2023

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