Influencing Others Without Authority Workshop

Online / In-Person

In today’s fast-paced environment of matrix and cross-functional teams, the traditional management approach of trying to exert full authority over others through compliance is risky business. Although it is necessary at times for busy professionals, team leaders, supervisors, and managers to be directive with others about getting things done, it is also likely that the productivity of individuals and teams will improve when they experience the positive effects of influence in a collaborative setting.

Based on position and interest-based influencing methods from Harvard, participants will learn and practice influencing using the four step method of gaining attention, interest, commitment, and motivating action. This workshop uses interactive discussions, case studies, video reviews, team exercises, self-assessments, and practical action-planning exercises. Consequently, participants will develop more self-awareness, learn new productivity tools, and enhance their performance as negotiators of deadlines, schedules, resources, staff, budgets, pricing, product changes, and other aspects of managing people and projects to achieve winning outcomes in a collaborative way.

This program is designed to teach participants how to:

  • Decrease the time wasted on following-up with people to get things done
  • Manage with communications impact to motivate others to perform better
  • Learn how to influence desired outcomes by inspiring others
  • Become more persuasive in gaining buy-in and commitment, regardless of limits to your authority over others

Module 1) Getting Buy-in and Commitment from Others

Module 2) Critical Thinking – Creating the Plans

Module 3) Communication

Module 4) Collaboration

Module 5) Conflict – Managing it Effectively

Module 6) Change

Half-Day / 1-Day

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