Contact Center Design and Optimization

CSPN’s team of contact center consultants help guide our clients to optimize service delivery and drive real value to their business. Regardless of the challenges, our team of industry experts will design a practical solution plan that can enable contact centers to improve efficiently and effectively.

Our areas of expertise include:

Workforce Management (WFM) Solutions

Optimize processes and tools to maximize agent performance. Ares of review, analysis and recommendations include: WFM tool requirements, selection and implementation, process review and optimization.

Employee Engagement

Design an employee engagement strategy centered on upskilling agents, supervisors and coaches to establish a performance-driven culture. Solidify a holistic view of quality assurance that accounts for all factors effecting employee performance and satisfaction including hiring, scheduling, training, coaching, culture and workplace management.

Quality Management

Define (or optimize) a call quality program and goals for key operations. Implement QA standards and setup efficient team calibration. Establish an effective contact center performance management program and internal systems to collect and guide the usage of data to drive organizational performance.

Process and Technology Optimization

Identify technology and process constraints and identify areas of improvement. Key processes and programs for review include: Coaching, Quality, Workforce Management, Change Management, Reporting, Self-Service, Contact Routing, Omni Channel, Customer Experience, Employee Engagement, Security, and Business Continuity. Technology Assessments can also include new system recommendations and tech implementation guides.

In parallel to contact center consulting, CSPN works with organizations to upskill employees to support with enhanced service delivery and lead (in-bound and out-bound) generation. We partner with our clients to optimize their existing contact centers to help reach their business goals while attracting and retaining as many customers as possible.

Specifically, our areas of expertise include:

Service Strategy and Business Personas

Agent Resourcing

Agent Training

  • Defining the service delivery strategy and/or brand persona to guide all agent interactions.

  • Identification of agent resourcing options including in-house resources, hiring and/or outsourcing. Support with implementing resourcing models and support with scaling agent headcount.

  • Design, customization, and delivery of instructor-led, virtual instructor-led and on-demand agent training on topics ranging from: Service Delivery Standards, Conflict Resolution, Brand Voice/Tone, Product/Service Features and Functionality, Communication and Relationship Building, and Upselling and Cross Selling.

Agent Coaching

Tool Set-Up

Performance Management

  • Design, delivery and “Train-the-Trainer” models to support with agent coaching and on-the-job feedback.

  • Identification and training on service delivery and lead generation tools including CRM systems, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Salesforce.

  • Defining agent performance metrics and establishment of dashboards.