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How do organizations create happier customers?

Organizations are no longer built through advertising, but through experiences. The most successful companies put the customer at the centre of everything they do to create and deliver great experiences, consistently. CSPN has the expertise and tools that help you figure out what matters most to your customers and empower the organization to deliver experiences that exceed expectations.

By connecting human insights, business goals and Digital enablers, we help organizations deign experiences that can make lives easier, faster, healthier, safer, and rewarding. Our seasoned group of consultants use proven methodologies to bring your Customer Experience to life at every level of the organization.

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Guiding Principles


We are the “people” experts that understand regardless of your business need, people play a vital role. We make sure that the most important resource to your organization is a key focus.


We take a multifaceted approach to understanding the world of customer experience. We are a mix of human-centered designers, behavioural scientists, process engineers and L&D facilitators ready to attack your CX challenges from all angles.


We work with our clients not through them, across all stages of a project. We bring them along every step of the way and empower them with new CX knowledge and skills.


We create more than pretty PowerPoint decks. We deliver actionable strategies and measurable goals that our clients can use to activate change long after the project is done.

Services Summary

There’s No “Right” Time To Focus On Your Customer Experience.

Staying informed about your customers and ahead of their needs requires continuous focus and adaptability. Regardless of your organizations CX maturity level, CSPN Consulting’s comprehensive toolkit has a solution that fits your organizations needs. With an adaptable and agile approach, we deliver projects that can address one or all of the following focus-areas.



Review & Assess your Current (known) Customer Experience Landscape.


Build & Develop your Future (unknown) Customer Experience Landscape.


Implement & Activate your (designed) Customer Experience Landscape.


CX Strategy & Alignment Assessment
CX & Contact Centre Maturity Assessment
Service Delivery & Modernization Review
CX & Digital Transformation Reviews
Voice-of-the-Customer Program Reviews
Customer Segmentation Assessments
Current State Journey Mapping
Current-State CX Benchmarking
Customer Feedback Surveys
CX Vision / Strategy Development
CX Technology Enablement
Service Blueprinting
Digital Future-State Vision
Voice-of-the-Customer Program Development
Customer Segmentation Development
Future-State Journey Mapping
Design Thinking & Ideation Workshops
CX & Market Trend Research
CX Strategy Action Planning
CX Centre of Excellence Development
CX Change Management
Transformation Roadmap Development
Digital Service Road-Mapping
Segment Focused Service Training
Journey Focused Service Training
GAP Planning & Implementation
Feedback Activation Planning

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