Conference Takeaways


Employee Experience Engagement Strategies & Tips

Empower and educate the front lines

Create team-building exercises that inspire and promote communication

Make a commitment to employees consistently. (A small hello goes a long way. Employee and Customer Service consistency builds brand loyalty/company loyalty)

Leverage the employee voice for improvement

Increase retention and remove obstacles for recruitment

Identify the common misconceptions and strategize and a way to address them productively

Develop a plan (i.e. Employee Recognition Program)

Leverage feedback and reporting to empower and motivate your staff

Create a genuine and authentic workplace

Address those common motivation misconceptions and replace them with practices that will improve the quality of motivation within your organization

Customer Experience Engagement Strategies & Tips

Develop your brand promise and guest commitments

Measure success and ways to improve

Find opportunities to reward your customers

Leading and laggings indicators are both crucial to track your success

Listening to other company journeys and understanding how they succeeded and achieved their goals

Learn the Critical #s of the Customer Experience

Determine your Customer Organization Persona (Spiderman, Iron Man, Captain Marvel or Hulk)

Communicate and embody your vision, mission, and values

Build meaningful and thoughtful connections with your team and customers

Find balance within ourselves in order to offer a much better customer service – happiness & wellness

CX & EX Technology Strategies & Tips

Keep up with the times and make an investment – voice messaging, texts, AI, digital platforms, automation

Combine the best of human and machine intelligence when serving customers

Implement an effective strategy to meet customer expectations in an omnichannel world

Measure the value of digital CX and what metrics matter most

Embed workflows that naturally enable customer loyalty

Provide customers with self-service tools for greater collaboration

Automate customer portal order retrieval with Robotic Process Automation

Leverage a mobile app for on-the-go order placement, processing & management or create apps to help your customer anywhere, anytime

Elevate order processing speed, accuracy & analytics

People, Policy, Process and Technology improvements are all crucial to the success of your Customer Experience Strategy

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