5th Annual Virtual Women In Leadership Summit

November 15-26, 2021 | Virtual Summit

Women in Leadership Awards

Voting for CSPN’s 5th Annual Women in Leadership Awards is now open.  Voting ends October 30, 2021 at 11:59pm EST. 

You are invited to vote for your favourites in the 10 categories listed below.  Note: 1 Vote per person per category. Nominee information and details are listed below.

Winners will be finalized based on both voting tabulations and review by our judging panel and will be announced at our Women in Leadership Summit on November 26, 2021.

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Award Categories

This person is all about the customer. Their number one priority is making sure the customer is actively engaged with the company and that their team(s) is providing an excellent experience throughout the entire customer journey. They have had tremendous impact on improving their team(s)’ capabilities and improving customer engagement. They support their team(s) in any way they can and encourages them to become more customer-centric on a daily basis. This is someone in a managerial/leadership position with direct customer engagement responsibilities.


This person is inspiring, hardworking, and a strong leader with high ambitions and futuristic vision. The team has high regards for this individual and for their work, they appreciate their management style and look for their input. They are someone who has high potential in becoming something great and you trust that they will get there one day. You believe in their capabilities as an emerging leader and amazed by their work ethic, impact and efforts.

The award will be presented to the candidate who has demonstrated growth, a commitment to career development and an ability to take leadership roles and overcome obstacles during the past 12 months.


This person helps others love their job, remain engaged, and encourages them to give their 100% effort. They are likely someone who welcomes ideas and suggestions from their team, encouraging them to remain active in their work and feel like they add value to the organization through their efforts. Their team looks forward to coming to work and they help increase their motivation. They want their team to use their capabilities, realize their potential and grow. This person could also be one who thinks of new ways to engage employees, creating a plan and implementation strategy to help them do so.

Employee Experience Award

This award showcases a forward-thinking entrepreneur who has recognized a new market, product, service, technological advancement or opportunity and led the way. They have demonstrated outstanding leadership within their company and has set standards for originality, quality and successful management.


This individual inspires their team and people to reach great heights of performance and success. They drive vision, exudes positivity, and communicates effectively to create an encouraging environment of collaboration, team excellence, and ideation.


This person is constantly supporting organizational change activities, is futuristic, and propels others to change and reach company goals. Additionally, this individual is a leader and advocate of change within their company and team(s). They provide leadership, coaching and guidance to their team to help ease transitions and increase the rates of adoption for change. They communicate effectively in letting others understand and envision the impact and need for change. They have a clear vision for change and engages employees to work collaboratively and inclusively with team members to create the change and influence positive outcomes.

Change Management

This award recognizes a passionate, inclusive, and welcoming leader whose efforts to promote and raise awareness about diversity and inclusion have had a tangible, positive impact within her organization and/or the community. Their passion and commitment to diversity and inclusion is contagious; they are a role model who inspires action in others. This category recognizes a person who not only lives and breathes diversity and inclusion in their own daily actions, they foster an environment within which others around them also embrace it.

Diversity & Inclusion

This individual is known for productively implementing new technologies and solutions with a following that matters. This award recognizes the creativity combined with the functionality towards solving a conflict or supporting research, thought leadership, manufacturing, technology or team well-being.


We are building leaders at all levels of the organization and offer the challenge of interesting work, a great culture, and support for your growth and development.

This award celebrates inspirational leaders who help build other leaders of any level, engage and overcome challenges, curate a collaborative culture, and support individual and team growth and development within an organization.

This award honours a leader who has successfully implemented technology solutions that made a notable impact on business. They work in a position that has offered opportunities to utilize leadership skills to leverage technology or works for a technology company where they accelerate at leadership and innovation and has worked on projects that require technical knowledge.

Technology Award Seal

Women in Leadership Nominees of 2021

Allison De Korte
Fiera Capital

Ampai Thammachack
Step Above Stigma and the Glass Slipper Organization

Amanda Hamilton
Amanda Hamilton Interior Design

Amy Izzard
Oticon Canada

Antoinette King
Options Consulting

Ashira Gobrin
Wave HQ

Carolyn Van der Veen
Saskatchewan Workers’ Compensation Board

Cassidy Putnam
Oxford Properties Group

Dimitra Maniatis

Dori Salisbury

Guljit Sandhu
Groupe Additive 3D

Jamie Dhillon

Jennifer Quaglietta

Jody Richard
ADP Canada

Joy Quaile
Hyundai Auto Canada Corp.

Julia Chung
Admin Slayer Services Inc.

Julia Farner

Karen Cossar
ADP Canada

Kate Shehbaz
Canadian Tire Bank

Marie Diks
S&P Data Digital

Marie-Catherine Heddo
ADP Canada

Maura Lustig
Transformational Coach

Melanie Bowie

Oksana Tchoutchman

Palak Talwar

Pantea Buck
ADP Canada

Paula Campkin
Energy Safety Canada

Rebeca Lopez

Rosetta Belcastro

Sara Clarkson
Storesupport Canada

Shawn Solomon
Thornhill Skin Clinic Inc.

Shelley Youngblut

Tara Wilson
Income Access, A Paysafe Company

Tamara Stojanovic
Greenfield Global

Wendy Pollard-Millar
East Penn Canada

Whitney Smith
Smith Investigation

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