Women in Leadership – Gratitude

Gratitude is often something that falls to the background in the workplace due to busy days full of multiple tasks and deadlines. Often times organizations overlook the connection and authenticity that appreciation can inspire in staff.

Companies like Campbell Soup have instilled gratitude within their culture. The former CEO wrote 30,000 thank you notes to his employees, and in doing so, noticed a positive mindset shift within employees almost immediately. Studies have shown that expressing gratitude leads to less stress and fewer health issues, a greater sense of comradery amongst staff, fewer sick days and high job satisfaction in organizations.

If you’re in need of a little inspiration to kick start your gratitude journey, here are a few steps that we can work on to help us better implement gratitude into the workplace:

Express Gratitude to Others

Appreciate the contributions your colleagues bring and learn to express it to them.

Become a Lifelong Learner

Not everyone across the world has access to the information we do. Express gratitude simply because we can constantly expand our knowledge base and have the ability to grow academically and professionally.

See Opportunity Instead of Failure

When life throws you a curve ball, develop a plan to bounce back and be grateful that you have the opportunity to turn it around.

Pay it Forward

Is there something you can do for someone else, much like they did for you at a previous time?

Come and join CSPN on October 17th for CSPN’s 2nd Annual Women in Leadership Awards Gala! A remarkable evening where you can display or express your gratitude to a deserving colleague, manager or friend. Nominate someone you are grateful for and show them how their hard work and dedicated attitude does not go unnoticed. This event will include a luxurious evening full of engaging panelists and a motivational keynote speaker who will inspire you to new heights. Join over 150 other women and men in recognizing and celebrating women leaders receive their awards. Bring your team and let’s celebrate together!

DATE: OCTOBER 17, 2018
TIME: 4:30 PM – 9:30 PM