Shawn Ashley

Shawn Ashley, Manager, CX Consulting

Shawn is an MBA accredited and internationally experienced CX Consultant. Passionate about strategically solving customer-centric business problems, he is relentless in his drive to achieve defendable results while empowering companies to deliver genuine and truly impactful customer experiences. Acting as the Manager, CX Strategy, Shawn leads the delivery of all Consulting projects, assisting companies in removing operational complexity and uncovering the true value of their employees and customers!

Prior to joining CSPN, Shawn worked as a Strategy Consultant across, industries, geographies and business sizes ranging from start-ups to Multinational Financial Services firms. His depth of experience allowed him to branch off as an Independent Consultant, developing personalized tools and methodologies to deliver complex CX projects for various businesses. Combining, Business Strategy, Marketing, Operations, and CX knowledge, Shawn is able to take a 360 view of the customer journey and build memorable customer experiences that align to overall business goals / objectives.