Learning, Development & Certification – Great For Teams, Even Better For The Organization

“Since they’re just going to leave to go work for someone else, why should I spend time and money on training and certification for my staff?”

In today’s competitive workplace, this kind of rationale is all too common, especially when quality employees are tough to find and customer expectations continue to rise. Offering certification programs to your staff will not only help you retain the great talent that you already have, but it will also help your bottom line.

Studies have proven that people don’t stay in their jobs just for the money. They stay for 3 major reasons:

A. Team members, key experiences, and personal needs are being met.
B. They feel recognized and valued for the work they do.
C. A positive culture that provides them with the challenges and opportunities they need to grow professionally and personally.As a leader and employer, enrolling your staff in certification and development programs is an opportunity for you to meet their needs while simultaneously engaging and retaining your most valuable assets.

Key Benefits of Learning, Development & Certification – For the Employee and the Employer

1. Everyone can get a bit rusty – Many employees do a good job, but when the same functions are performed day-after-day, it is easy to get a little complacent and fall into undesirable habits. Certification programs refresh memories, reinvigorate motivation and refine already acquired skills.

2. Learn something new and develop skills – When employees are certified, your workforce gains a competitive edge. Through professional development, employees gain new information and acquire the skills and knowledge needed to help set your company apart from its competition. When your workforce is certified, the quality of service provided, rises above the rest.

3. It’s easy to lose touch – Every industries niche is unique and employees need to remain ‘in the know’ when it comes to innovative best practices and emerging industry trends. Certification programs ensure your employees stay informed and are up-to-date about the drifts and tendencies within their sector.

4. Expand networks with like-minded thinkers – Employees can sometimes become ‘stuck’ due to always working alongside the same individuals within their professional circles. Public learning programs provide employees with the opportunity to meet others within their industry, exposing them to new ideas and new ways of thinking. Hearing how others do things can spark innovation and help bring new approaches to old processes.

5. Re-energize your teams – Working repeatedly on the same tasks or at the same job for a long time can become dull and uninspiring. When employees participate in learning programs it can help them reconnect and generate interest in work challenges and reignite their passion. Continuing education helps employees to restore their sense of purpose which can lead to increased dedication and creativity.

Those who have incorporated learning, development and certification programs into their organizations agree that not only do these initiatives inspire higher service standards amongst their employees, but it also leads to a more dedicated workforce, where employees are more serious about their careers, enthusiastic about their jobs and have a continued desire for professional and personal growth.

*CSPN Certification Programs; CCSS© (Certified Client Service Specialist) and CCSP© (Certified Client Service Professional). Certifications have been earned by over 300 individuals through our public workshops and on-site, customized, accredited programs. Governed by CCPC Global, the designation programs have been granted accreditation after meeting the required criteria and after close examination by CCPC Global’s Board of Examiners.

Corey Atkinson, VP of Strategic Learning & Development, CSPN

Follow Corey on LinkedIn, and Twitter, or email him at corey@mycspn.com

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