Understanding Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Workshop

Online / In-Person

The first level of building a truly inclusive environment is ensuring that all people feel respected. This requires everyone in the organization to behave according to shared values and global principles of business conduct. This foundational course will show participants how to build and encourage diversity in their workplace and community. By helping participants understand what diversity is, and how they can create a more diverse environment, participants will acquire the skills to break down barriers and leverage better verbal and non-verbal communication to create a more inclusive workplace.

This program is designed to teach participants how to:

  • Understand what diversity means, related terms and concepts, legal compliance and the importance to workplace culture and goals
  • Distinguish between stereotypes vs. biases and how personal experiences shape perspectives
  • Identify and apply techniques to break down barriers in creating more inclusivity, including changing personal approaches, and encouraging workplace and social changes
  • Understand the impacts of verbal and non-verbal communication in supporting an inclusive, diverse culture
  • Explain communication approaches (e.g., listening vs. hearing, asking questions, and body language) used to acknowledge and respond when EDI obstacles

Module 1) Introduction – Setting the Context

Module 2) Understanding Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Module 3) Stereotypes and Biases

Half-Day / 1-Day

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