Sales Fundamentals Workshop

Online / In-Person

Sales are the number one activity for every business and generally the least mastered skill. Selling isn’t about pushing your offering; instead it is learning the complex skills and processes of aligning wants and needs with your solutions.

As professionals, our greatest strengths are our mindset and resilience. We kick off the workshop by laying our personal foundation and building our; resilience, positive mindset and confidence. We then dive into understanding the 4 major personality types and how to communicate with each.

  • Overcome a lack of selling confidence
  • Conquer prospecting reluctance
  • Understand and improve your sales process
  • Increase closing results

Module 1) Setting the Stage for Selling

Module 2) Understanding & Overcoming Resiliency

Module 3) Managing Multiple Personalities

Module 4) Buying Barriers

Module 5) Prospecting: Obstacles to Leads

Module 6) The Buying Cycle

Module 7) Putting it Together: 3 Point Sales Process

Half-Day / 1-Day

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