Organizational Growth Starts with Trust

Topic: Organizational Growth Starts with Trust | Developing Your People
Date & Time:

April 28, 2021 | 2:00 PM-2:45 PM ET

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Corey Atkinson, VP, Strategic Learning & Development, CSPN


Trust is a fundamental aspect of any productive relationship. In business, trust decreases turnover, increases innovation and improves team performance. When trust is compromised, relationships and productivity can suffer. Trust is what enables people to collaborate, build strong respectful relationships, and contribute fully to the team’s work.

Employees can learn from experience that their employers can be trusted to be honest about and respectful of their needs, and more companies these days are discovering solutions to build trust with their employees. The reward of building a relationship of trust with employees is a workforce willing to do more and stay loyal through the years. This session demonstrates how colleagues and leaders can build trust using the following key perspectives: Individual, intent and integrity. Corey Atkinson, vice president of strategic learning and development at Customer Service Professionals Network, will highlight how to prove our trustworthiness in challenging situations and integrate trust-building habits into daily routines. He also explains how to rebuild trust when it has been lost.

What you will learn:

  1. Defining trust and its power in the workplace.
  2. Describing the I’s of trust building: Individual, intent and integrity.
  3. Using questions rather than statements to encourage accountability.
  4. Unified processes to create healthy relationship dynamics by boosting the positivity ratio of your interactions.

About the Speaker

Corey Atkinson | Vice President of Strategic Learning and Development | Customer Service Professionals Network (CSPN)

Corey Atkinson has a wealth of experience in leadership, management, client service and business development and focuses on supporting others to realize their objectives ahead of projected target dates. As a professional speaker who has presented to audiences across North America, Corey is a leading authority on leadership, culture, employee engagement and global business trends. With the ability to engage any audience, Corey will deliver the energy and insights audiences and organizations are looking for. His primary focus is to leave attendees excited, inspired and energized to take action and see tangible results. As a seasoned organizational development specialist and master facilitator, he has designed programs and trained and coached over 10,000 professionals and organizations across all industries. Corey is an avid developer of accelerated learning methodologies and experiences, programs, and systems, all designed to turbo-charge learning for rapid development.