Managing Difficult Clients and Situations E-Program Information

This online program addresses the skills and knowledge required to effectively manage and direct difficult clients and situations. You will gain an understanding of the methods available in diffusing situations, creating a common ground for both you and the client and creating boundaries of what ‘acceptable’ levels of difficult clients mean. This online program will also develop your understanding of Emotional Intelligence and how it is applied in every aspect of your life – not only on the job. This program is ideal for anyone who deals with difficult clients in various challenging situations and wishes to remain in control. The program will lay out strategies for turning negative situations into opportunities for building lifelong relationships.

In order to achieve your overall certificate of completion, you must pass all assessments within the course.

Module 1) Handling Difficult Customers

Module 2) Diffusing Tense Situations

Module 3) Dealing with Hostile Clients

Module 4) Understanding Needs and Conflict

Module 5) Dealing with Impasse: Creating Common Ground

Module 6) Client Service Processes

Module 7) Emotional Intelligence for Personal Leadership

​Estimated program length: 8 Hour(s).

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