Managing Customer Conversations Through Chat Workshop

Online / In-Person

Consumers are increasingly turning to social media to air frustrations or grievances that they are having with a particular company. Alongside this, audiences are also looking at your social media channels to be an effective first port of call for any big announcements, both good and bad. Our course will help brands realize the importance of being present on these channels, whether it’s responding to customer queries or complaints, raising an issue with the wider world or managing PR statements.

On Social Media, every Customer Service interaction becomes a permanent, searchable, online record. Even private and direct messages can be easily screen-captured and shared with the world. Considering the viral nature of the platform, is it worth the risk?

In this workshop, your staff will be trained to engage with your customers socially via networks like Twitter and Facebook to help them improve your company’s social service experience while avoid embarrassing and costly mistakes online.

This course is aimed at businesses who already have established social media channels and an overall online presence.

This program is designed to teach participants how to:

  • Recognize the benefits of Social Customer Service
  • Explore the risks of “social” servicing and ensure you have effective strategies to manage your reputation online
  • Be able to evaluate appropriate channels, content, tools, engagement techniques and resources for your social servicing activity
  • Identify the pitfalls so they know how to avoid them
  • Humanize their responses by understanding the power of sentiment, tone and empathy in an online response
  • How to be efficient with their responses
  • How to address negative/difficult customers, posts and comments without making the situation worse
  • Know when to take conversations offline and when to escalate.

Module 1) Phone to Digital: The Fundamentals of Service are the same

Module 2) Back to Social Basics

Module 3) Your Social Tone

Module 4) Message Management & Response

Module 5) Paper to Digital Response

Half-Day / 1-Day

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