Instructional Designer


CSPN is a boutique professional services organization that helps our clients to accomplish two tasks: 1) Create happier customers and 2) Create happier employees. To achieve the second, we help design and deliver highly engaging adult learning. Our courses are dynamic and hyper-relevant to employees for their specific jobs. Our aim is not to churn out PowerPoint slides or track then attendance of learners. Instead, we seek to create remarkable learning experiences that change how people think, behave, and work.

Job Title: Instructional Designer / Education Partner
Position: Full-Time or Contract
Location: Virtual / Toronto, ON, Canada Hours

While the role is called Instructional Designer, we are looking at a broad set of candidates and we are looking for your ability to succinctly summarize content into engaging adult learning courses. You may have formal instructional design experience or you could just be a really great communicator. You will be responsible to take a learning brief and create a learning plan that will eventually become a 1-hr to 1-day course. We need you to think creatively and three dimensionally so that you can communicate the content, engage the learner, and make the process easy for our team and clients. We don’t use fancy language when a few words will do. We know people eat with their eyes first, so presentation matters. Most of all, we know people are busy, so our courses need to be hyper relevant and to the point.

If you love spending your day in a fast-paced, creative, and autonomous team, then we’d love to hear from you. Below is the HR version of the role, but use you imagination to think of this role on your terms and we can meet in the middle.

An ideal Instructional Designer is exceptional at the following:

  • Synthesize Information: is able to take information from multiple sources and identify the salient points
  • Communicates Clearly: can articulate the key points that are supported by structured proof and examples
  • Guides Design: you don’t need to be a graphic designer, but you can give clear instruction on your vision to make the content look beautiful
  • Firm and Flexible: you always come to the table with your opinion, but are flexible to the needs and wants of senior leadership and, ultimately, our clients
  • Promise Keeper: you know how to create a work-back schedule and stick with it
  • Acts Like an Owner: you think and act as if the course content you are designing are for your own company where you have a skin in the game

You will thrive at CSPN if you can:

  • Love to solve problems
  • Collaborate with the team
  • Present well to clients
  • Work independently
  • Receive feedback well
  • Strive for excellence
  • Laugh when things are tough
  • Meet tight deadlines

Key Responsibilities Include:

  1. Planning and Analysis
    • Leverage effective needs analysis, project management, course development and evaluation skills
    • Solid understanding and proven application of adult learning principles
    • “Design a curriculum” based on relevant collated data and identify which methodologies would be used to deliver curated content and zero-in on existing and emerging technology
    • Create curriculum roadmaps and menus, and recommend the optimal blend and supporting rationale
    • Analytical and collaborative problem-solving skills
  2. Design and Structure
    • Create effective and appealing courses to the fluidity and structure of the content to ensure that learners remain engaged and courses see a minimal attrition rate
    • The Instructional Designer’s prime focus is the organization of content. Flow of information is sequential and smooth without losing context, moving from complex, simple, or elaborate concepts in an uncluttered manner that caters effectively to a wide variety of learners
    • Effectively communicate both visually and verbally and possess the ability to create measurable objectives based on the audience’s needs
    • Knowledge of training and organizational development theories, adult learning principles and instructional design models such as ADDIE
  3. Collaboration with Subject Matter Experts
    • Work along side CSPN and Learning Managers to select the best scalable solution and technology tools for each initiative
    • Champion a collaborative approach, offer multiple options and alternatives to design challenges
    • Brainstorm in context of aesthetics (size, font, design, and experience), placement, frequency of use of tools, content format and more, to ensure learners are not overwhelmed by the experience of infographics, mini-videos, graphs, links to sources, PDF extracts etc.
    • Collaborate with the respective Subject Matter Expert (SME) to not only curate the most relevant content to include in the course, but to devise modes of assessment and interactions (tests, quizzes etc.) to ensure optimum efficacy of the eLearning course
  4. Implementation and Testing
    • Apply tested instructional design theories, practice and methods
    • Maintain results and customer focus at all time, collaborating with team members and Manager to ensure outcomes are on track to meet business needs

Required Skills & Abilities:

  • Open to feedback and evaluation as well as flexibility to improve material and the overall learning experience for the audience
  • Basic HTML and Flash programming knowledge
  • Visual design skills (Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Illustrator) and ability to storyboard
  • Exceptional project management skills
  • Ability to conduct thorough research, analyze and synthesize it
  • Advanced critical thinking skills in a fast-paced, changing environment
  • Ability to address multiple deadlines and balance multiple needs and perspectives in a professional manner
  • Collaboration skills including the ability to integrate and act upon the diverse perspectives of Learning Managers, SMEs and external vendors

Relevant Qualifications:

  • Ability to make decisions by identifying issues, diagnosing problems, generating alternative solutions and analyzing opportunities and risks
  • Ability to set and achieve challenging individual goals that support department and business goals
  • Ability to take responsibility for projects and follow-through to completion with minimal need for direct supervision
  • Exceptional professional communication and technical writing skills
  • Experience with project management and managing multiple, simultaneous tasks
  • Strong project management skills and strong verbal/written communication skills
  • Project Management Professional Certification (or coursework/knowledge of Agile methodology)
  • Strong customer service orientation
  • Storyboarding multimedia e-learning using PowerPoint, Adobe Captivate and Articulate Storyline

Educational Background:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Instructional Design, Educational Technology or similar experience

Work experience:

  • 5+ years of overall experience with at least 3 years’ experience in leveraging new technologies to design and developing impactful learning solutions

All interested candidates should complete the following form and send their Resume and Cover Letter that explains your educational and work background and 2-3-year education and career goals. Please include the job title in the email subject line.

We thank all candidates who take the time to apply, however given the number of applications received only those selected for an interview will be contacted.