Innovative Thinking for Managers and Supervisors Workshop

Online / In-Person

Innovative thinking and creative problem solving are fundamental skills for leaders, managers, and supervisors. When interacting with staff, management, and internal and external customers, these skills are essential for efficiency, building excellent customer relationships, inspiring staff, and achieving company goals. However, many people feel as though they are lacking in creativity. What most of us do not recognize is that we are creative on a daily basis, whether it’s picking out what outfit we want to wear or stretching a tight budget at work. But boosting your creative and innovative abilities takes practice. Recognizing and honing your own creative potential is a process.

In this highly interactive workshop, the fundamental problem-solving skills of critical and intuitive thinking are learned and “root cause” analysis tools are practiced.

This workshop provides opportunities for you to resolve business problems through individual and team exercises using a variety of useful tools.

This program is designed to teach participants how to:

  • Effectively solve problems
  • Use creativity and intuition to resolve issues
  • Harness the critical thinking methodology to identify real issues of a problem
  • Enhance intuition through practice

Module 1) Analyzing Problems

Module 2) Critical Thinking

Module 3) Intuitive Thinking

Module 4) Powerful Communication

Half-Day / 1-Day

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