Building Inclusive Cultures & Allies Workshop

Online / In-Person

Workplace inclusivity starts with leaders – what leaders say and do makes up to a 70% difference as to whether an individual reports feeling included. This really matters because the more people feel included, the more they speak up, go the extra mile, and collaborate — all of which ultimately lifts organizational performance. In this interactive training, participants will learn to lead so that every voice is heard. They will gain insight and skills for engaging employees in creating a safe and collaborative work environment in order to leverage diversity and inclusion as a competitive advantage. Learn the language and tactics of inclusive communication. Foster an environment of mutual respect. Realize the benefits of diversity by making every person you work with feel included. Make inclusivity a good business, as well as a good human, decision.

This program is designed to teach participants how to:

  • Discover how leadership can advance diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Learn why inclusion is a key organizational competency and why leaders are responsible for
  • Recognize the importance of understanding the root causes of workplace inequalities in order to pursue change
  • Establish the business case for ED&I and its associated challenges for promoting and establishing
  • Explore your individual responsibilities for being an inclusive leader and creating the inclusivity you want
  • Understand why privilege and disadvantage matter at work
  • Apply thinking around systemic vs. individual responsibility, equity vs. equality, bias and “-ism’s”
  • Understanding that being an ally is an action not an identity
  • Knowing the importance of speaking up when it’s psychologically and physically safe to do so
  • Knowing and applying the definitions of key terms (privilege, oppression, ally, target)

Module 1) Your Role as an Inclusive Leader

Module 2) Communication and Inclusive Leadership

Half-Day / 1-Day

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