CSPN Breakfast Meeting at The Globe and Mail

On September 15, 2017, CSPN, alongside The Globe and Mail, had the pleasure of hosting a breakfast meeting at The Globe and Mail’s stunning new head office.

The morning began with Phillip Crawley, CEO of The Globe and Mail, welcoming attendees to their new head office. Phillip touched on the customer landscape and the overwhelming amount of choices and options available to them. He elaborated on how organizations must set themselves apart from the competition and provide exceptional customer service to gain new customers, but more importantly how to retain the existing customers they have.

Up next was Perry Nixdorf, Vice-President of Operations who educated attendees on the importance of connecting with their customers. He emphasized that The Globe and Mail is seeing a shift in customer preference from print to digital.  This means that as times and trends change, an organization must adapt to stay relevant. Organizations are operating differently than they did 20 years ago, customers want answers fast and want to access information quickly and easily. Organizations that understand these trends and make changes accordingly will win in the long run.

Andrée Gosselin-O’Meara, Director of Customer Services, informed attendees of the many avenues The Globe and Mail publish through including magazines, custom publishing, events, website, video, and mobile. She informed attendees that surprisingly it is the younger reader demographic that dominates their customer base. From there, the conversation evolved into the importance of outsourcing and how to do it successfully. Lastly, Andrée touched on the value of customer service and how to make it as seamless as possible. For the Globe and Mail, this means exploring self-service, since almost half of The Globe and Mail’s interactions are done via self-serve channels.

Yomna Ibrahim, Supervisor of Learning and Development at The Globe and Mail focused on the importance of training your staff. She left attendees with her inspirational training philosophies.

“Create a supportive, adaptable and innovative learning environment.”
“Identify outstanding leadership and excellence at all levels.”
“Nurture, recognize, and reward the efforts of your staff.”

Bryan Fox, Manager of Operations focused on the importance of measuring quality. Attendees learned that news of a bad customer experience reaches more than twice as many ears as praise for good service. Bryan emphasized that feedback and quality assurance are both extremely important to ensure ongoing customer satisfaction. With that in mind, he left the audience with one hard fact: it is 6-to-7 times more expensive to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing one.

Cristian Carcamo, Manager of Subscriber Support and Investigations spoke about optimizing quality through readily available programs and software.

Overall, attendees thoroughly enjoyed themselves at the September Breakfast Meeting. From the vibrant and stunning atmosphere of The Globe and Mail’s head office to the engaging and informative guest speakers, this was a great experience for everyone.

The Globe and Mail truly outdid themselves. Thank you to all those who attended, and to our gracious hosts at The Globe and Mail.

“Hard to top this one, thank you The Globe and Mail. Congrats on your fabulous new facilities.
​Very inspiring to hear about your commitment to your readers & obvious investment to constantly improve the experience. Right from the top (Mr. Crawley) to your people on the frontline. Great morning!!”

“Today’s event was fantastic on 2 fronts. The venue and the scenery was breathtaking, our host The Globe and Mail planned an extremely informative morning.”