Complimentary Webinar Series – Virtual Communication and Personal Excellence

To help individuals and organizations adapt to this new environment, CSPN has developed a 4-part Virtual Webinar Series.

In today’s challenging times, serving your customers with empathy and respect while taking care of yourself as we all adjust to this new normal is not easy. CSPN’s 4-part Virtual Webinar Series, Virtual Communication and Personal Excellence, is designed to help people and companies adapt to this new digital work environment while ensuring customer service and employee well-being and professional development remain a top priority.

Webinar sessions are all complimentary!

Request a private group training for at least six of your team members in the same virtual class.


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Exceptional Service in Exceptional Times

Webinar #1 – April 2, 2020 at 2PM – 3PM EST with Corey Atkinson


In times of uncertainty, being able to connect with customers is critical for short and long term success. And as many of us must move to virtual interactions given our current global situation, we must still deliver to the expectations of all our customers.

In the Exceptional Service in Exceptional Times Webinar we will share the 1:3 Model (1 Mindset & 3 Skills) that early responders use regularly and every organization can adopt – to remain consistent in delivering exceptional service.


  • 1:3 Model for service in exceptional times
  • How to identify functional and emotional need for better communication
  • Connecting better with customers during these exceptional times.

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Managing Difficult Conversations with REAL Empathy

Webinar #2 – April 16, 2020 at 2PM – 3PM EST with Corey Atkinson


It is easy to withdraw and focus on ourselves in times of global stress.  But these are the exact times when we need to connect with our customers and colleagues in a proactive manner.  The Managing Difficult Conversations with REAL Empathy Webinar will give you the insight into how to flex your empathy muscle so that you can manage any challenging conversation – from any social distancing perspective – by video, on the phone or over email.


  • The challenge and opportunity for empathy when times are tough
  • How to sustain empathy in exceptional times
  • Key words and phrases to really empathize

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Working Remotely Wellness Strategies

Webinar #3 – April 30, 3030 at 2PM – 3PM EST with Corey Atkinson


For most of us, working at home is awesome – for a while.  Soon cabin fever kicks in and you crave to have a quick chat with a colleague at their desk.  Since our current global situation is fluid – our Working Remotely Wellness Strategies Webinar will provide with the must-do activities to keep you going and staying healthy when it is only you, your desk and your computer.


  • Best Practices for taking care of your body
  • Must dos to bring your “A” game everyday
  • Critical steps to build up your resiliency


Virtual Communication: Best Practices = Better Results

Webinar #4 – May 14, 2020 at 2PM – 3PM EST with Corey Atkinson


Working virtually is nothing new – but as we move to this mode of communication en masse – there may be some roadblocks. Should everything be done by email, is the best way to go – every time? Great questions with no clear answers.

In our Virtual Communication: Best Practices = Better Results Webinar, we will share with you the key best practices that organizations – large and small – can use to ensure that we all stay in communication.


  • Why communication is even more important in these exceptional times
  • Do’s & Don’t’s of Virtual Communication
  • Going Virtual Strategies: for the short & long term


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