Registered ProServices Supply Arrangement (SA) & Vendor of Record (VOR)

ProServices Supply Arrangement (SA) is a Federal Government-wide mandatory procurement tool for the provision of professional services below the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) threshold.

The ProServices streams and categories are the same streams and categories as what is offered in the Task Based Informatics Professional Services (TBIPS) and the Task and Solutions Professional Services (TSPS – task portion only) methods of supply.

CSPN qualifies to provide services across Canada within the following stream and sub-streams:

Stream 4: Business Services
4.1     Business Analyst
4.3     Business Consultant
4.8     Call Centre Consultant
4.10    Help Desk Specialist

Stream 8: Human Resources Services
8.7     Leadership Development Consultant

Stream 9: Business Consulting / Change Management Services
9.3     Business Consultant

Stream 10: Project Management Services
10.10   Technical Writer

Stream 13: Alternative Dispute Resolution Services
13.1    Conflict Coaching

For more information on ProServices, please visit the ProServices official website.


CSPN is a successful holder of a Management Consulting Services Vendor of Record (VOR) Arrangement (Tender #7434) – Provincial

The Government of Ontario, Ministry of Government and Consumer Services (MGCS) purchases management consulting services through a Vendor of Record (VOR) Arrangement. The VOR is similar to a Supply Arrangement and is used by all Government of Ontario ministries and other entities to procure a range of management consulting services.

This VOR is mandatory for Ontario Government ministries and for Ontario Public Service (OPS) entities who wish to obtain professional services in the categories listed below. It is optional for Provincially Funded Organizations (which include but are not limited to municipalities, hospitals, and school boards).

The MCS VOR is organized according to the following service categories:

  1. Business Metrics, Performance Management and Process Improvement Services
  2. Business Process Assessment and Integration Services
  3. Organizational Effectiveness Services
  4. Organizational Transformation Services
  5. Procurement Services
  6. Program Management Services
  7. Project Management Services
  8. Strategic Management and Planning Services

For more information on an MCS VOR, please visit their website

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