Leading Change Program Information

We hold leaders responsible for the “breakthroughs” that will catapult the business forward despite increasing competition. But how can leaders lead change if they’re not ready for it or bought into it themselves? Leaders learn the ability to drive change by understanding the importance of stakeholders, multiple viewpoints, communication, and buy-in.

Today’s complex global organizations require cross-functional teams to accomplish their business objectives. The challenge is that leaders need to get things done through influence instead of position power, as they often don’t have authority over their colleagues.

The Leading Change Program allows participants to more quickly see an opportunity for change and taking the initiative to achieve it. Leaders leave this learning experience with greater clarity on how to create an influence strategy that clearly links their ideas and recommendations to changes that will have a positive impact on individuals, teams, and organizational performance.

This program is designed to teach participants how to:

  • Develop their ability to drive change
  • Enhanced skills to leading through organizational change initiatives
  • Identify influence opportunities to achieve business results.
  • Learn techniques to engage people both emotionally and rationally.
  • Assess the people they need to influence

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