Leadership of Self Program Information

Authentic leadership starts with knowing who you are, what you are standing for, your values, and being confident and comfortable with that. Your thinking, your perception, your decision making abilities as well as your feelings, emotions and motives originate in your ‘self’. If you are well tuned into yourself, you will make the best use of your talents, manage disruptive influences and recognize the inner voice of reason, intuition and conscience which are behind sound decision making.

The Leadership of Self program takes in introspective approach to building the foundational qualities of leaders like self-awareness, self-honesty, self-knowledge, and self-discipline. It explores the qualities of self-leadership including: Curiosity, Self-Honesty, Accountability, Self-Discipline, Humility, Courage, Self-Compassion, Assertiveness, and Willingness.

This program is designed to teach participants how to:

  • Understanding Leadership Styles
  • Characteristics of Emotional Intelligence
  • Qualities of Self-Leadership
  • Tools for Self-Leadership
  • The Path of Self-Leadership

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