Managing Change Effectively Program Information

With today’s business models, customer expectations and employee engagement forever evolving we all need to move out of the status quo to be adapt to change so that we all can deliver the products or services our customers demand. At the same time, organizations are evolving the employee experience to ensure it meets their employees’ needs and inspires them to deliver more and stay longer.

The Managing Change Effectively Program is designed to give participants the mindset to support change and the mechanics to lead themselves and others to the desired culture the organization needs to be competitive – today and tomorrow. Being a part of a transformation means understanding and communicating effectively through all areas of the culture change process – collectively.

Culture is the collective mindset and attitude of the organization, and it impacts how much we interact with our customers, the effort we put into our work, and loyalty. Consequently, the entire organization must anticipate challenges and barriers and understand various options for moving through them.

Participants will walk away from the learning experience with a greater awareness and confidence to support the creation of and nurturing of a culture which values, respects and expects high performance from its people.

This program provides leaders with targeted know-how, skills and ability to create and nurture a culture which values, respects and expects high performance from its people.

This program is designed to teach participants how to:

  • Understand the importance and value of transformation
  • Diagnose the challenges to moving through change
  • Learning the necessary step to manage the change curve at VIA
  • Practice using the tools to manage culture change for self and others
  • Understand the role of trust and which each team member can do to foster it
  • Create a plan for working through the change and how to adapt and refocus when needed

Module 1) Change Really Starts Here

Module 2) Understanding The Change Curve

Module 3) Managing Change: Obstacles & Opportunities

Module 4) Creating a Change Management – Action Plan

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