Certified Client Service Specialist Designation Virtual Bootcamp



In this era of intense competition and rapid technology changes, effective customer service means real increases in a company’s revenues. Companies that provide poor service find out very quickly that it is a ‘need to have’ not simply a ‘nice to have’.

While many companies promise to deliver an incredible customer experience, some are better at delivering than others. This course is designed around critical elements of customer service that, when the company lives them, bring customers back to experience service that outdoes the competition.

Customer Service Excellence is not about business as usual. Customer Service Excellence is about truly exceptional customer service, the kind that keeps customers delighted and loyal to your company, involves a series of skills and techniques that rely on the entire organization working as a team.

Providing your clients with Customer Service Excellence delivers more benefits than simply happy, loyal customers (though, that’s a large benefit). It also results in a more positive environment, less employee turnover, decreased job stress, and less time lost to reactive problem-solving. Your organization will enjoy an excellent reputation with customers as well as a wonderful place to work.

Participants will learn to develop a clear and compelling WHY to drive your service delivery standards. They will be able to recognize the difference between good, bad, and excellent service​ and construct your WHY that drives your service. Through case-based examples we discuss the cost and impacts of bad service and the value expectational service brings to organizations and employees.

They will develop a framework to understand who our customers are and what matters most to them. Participants will learn how to identify relevant and important customer personas​, anticipate the needs and expectations of our customers​ and recognize critical moments that matter​. Participants will learn how to construct the Customer Service & Sales  C.U.R.V.E. Framework and build tactical sakes skills​ to deliver against it. Specifically, participants will learn to explain how to Connect, Understand, Resolve, Validate, and Execute while serving customers​. Through group-based practice, role-play and dialogue participants will practice and model positive communication techniques​.

Also, participants will learn how to de-escalate moments of emotional and operational tension with customers. Through breakout rooms and group-based discussions, participants will practice de-escalation communication techniques​. They will learn how to apply the A.R.T. framework to support customers when “Yes” is not an answer.

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