Microsoft Project Program Information

Project 2016 Level 1 (Basic)

Project is one of the most popular scheduling and project management programs on the market. It is designed to assist a project manager in developing a plan, assigning resources to tasks, tracking progress, managing the budget, and analyzing workloads. This version of Project will look and feel familiar to you if you’ve used Project 2013 or even Project 2010. However, there are some new features to look forward to.

  • Overview
  • Ribbons, Default Settings
  • Entering Recurring Tasks
  • Creating WBS, Summary Tasks, and Milestone
  • Changing the Timescale
  • Project Calendar
  • The Task Information Dialog Box
  • Resource Allocation
  • Resource Leveling
  • Using the Leveling Tool
  • Understanding the Critical Path
  • Network Diagram
  • Work, Duration, and Units
  • Fixed Work, Fixed Duration, Fixed Units
  • Project Costs
  • Human Resources Cost
  • Material Costs
  • Fixed Costs
  • Cost Management
  • Status Reporting
  • Earned value analysis
  • Calculate and review earned value
  • Reports

This program is designed to teach participants how to:

  • Develop a plan
  • Assign resources to tasks
  • Track progress
  • Manage the budget
  • Analyze workloads

Module 1) Starting a Project

Module 2) Working with Project Calendars

Module 3) Working with Project Tasks

Module 4) Generating Project Views

Module 5) Delivering a Project Plan

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