Sourcing Strategies

Often times, processes/steps that provide exceptional customer experience cannot be done, nor should be done in-house. Every sourcing decision should balance the dynamics of cost-control and reduction with maintaining or improving the quality of service. The challenges that organizations are facing with contact centre operations are becoming more acute and complex.

Managing common issues such as high staff turnover, recruitment costs, and aging technological infrastructure, all need to be considered in the light of changing customer demands and service expectations.

Our CSPN sourcing experts will help your organization identify and implement approaches for sourcing operations (business processes, people, and technology) that best support customer operations. We work with your team to find the best solution, which balances cost containment and customer needs.

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Phases of Our Approach


Map the current delivery landscape.


Leverage the Outsourcing Decision Matrix to identify processes that should be in-house vs. outsourced.


Decide on the vendor selection process and criteria, and develop a negotiation strategy.


Build a framework for maintaining successful vendor relationships.

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