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To deliver an exceptional customer experience, you must first understand your organization’s current process. Customer Journey Mapping (CJM) looks at the total customer experience across all touchpoints between the customer and your organization. It begins with the initial contact through to sales, post-sales support, and everything in-between.

Through a series of research methods including – customer shadowing, ‘mystery shopping’, and analytical and anecdotal customer research analysis, our CSPN team will map the customer journey from emotional highs to frustrating lows. Along the customer journey, we uncover the ‘Moments of Truth,’ where your brand and the experience that it provides, makes a lasting impact on your customers.

Aligning with the customer view of the current journey, we work with your team to uncover the touch points that they believe impact customer loyalty. All of this is used to create an initial journey map.

By creating a CJM, your organization will be able to build a single cross-business view of the current customer experience for each group of customers. Having this in place will make it easier to identify and improve the inconsistencies and inefficiencies in your customer’s journey. CJM’s will also assist in designing a new customer experience that is seamless across all businesses, channels and functional silos.

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Phases of Our Approach

Know Your Customers

Review existing customer data and conduct internal analysis on the CX.

Get the Inside View

Work with internal stakeholders to begin to map the customer experience from an internal POV.

Get the Customer View

Conduct ethnographic research to better understand the journey from the customer POV.

Map the Journey

Blueprint the current Customer Journey & identify critical breakpoints and opportunities.

Share the CX Journey

Socialize the Customer Journey and leverage this as a key input for a CX or Service Strategy.

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